Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Abhijeet Kumar Banerjee

About Me

National Award Winner, India, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards, I am from city of Kolkata in India. What began as a pass time hobby some years back is now a full-blown passion. Excelling in this wonderful art of Photography is my life's goal. Professionally, I was part of senior management managing multiple Government projects in India and abroad in the domain of Education Management. After 28 years in corporate experience, I have taken a sabbatical and currently enjoying my passion. I am mostly into Nature and Portraiture / Conceptual Photography and sometimes delve into Travel and Street genre. Currently I am holding photography distinctions from FIAP, RPS, PSA, FIP and GPU.With more than 300 awards, my work were exhibited in around 450 exhibitions across 35 countries during past three years. My works were also published in publications like National Geographic Magazine, PSA Journal, Viewfinder, Photovogue, EYE-Photo Magazine, PHOTOHOUSE Magazine and Chiiz Magazine. Few highlights of my photography journey are as below.• National Award Winner, India, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards• Runners-up, D J Memorial Award 2020• Winner (QTR-1 & QTR-2) of Photographer of the Year Contest 2022 of FIP• Best of Show and multiple awards in PID Individual and Creative Portrait Contest 2022 of PSA. • Successfully completed Photographic Certification from Michigan State University (USA), RMIT University (Australia) and Photography Society of America.• Heading Salon, Inter Club Contests and Distinction portfolio of Photography Club of Assam (PCA). Today, PCA is standing amongst the top clubs in various inter Club Contests.

Works Synopsis

Living mainly in Chhattisgarh State of Central India, followers of Ramnami sect tattoo the word "Ram" on their bodies and wear shawls with the word "Ram" printed on it. They tattooed themselves as an act of defiance after being denied entry to a temple because of their caste.The sect's adherents do not drink or smoke, chant the name of Ram everyday, tattoo the word "Ram" on their body, and wear a shawl with the word "Ram" printed on it and a headgear made of peacock feathers. Those with full body tattoos are knows as "purnanakshik" and are mostly in their seventies; the younger generations of Ramnamis are no longer tattooed, fearing that they might be discriminated against and denied work because of the tattoos.

Exhibition Name

Ramnami Sect of Central India


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