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Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival


About Me

ALEKSANDER CUFARMF FZS, MPSA, EFIAP Diamant 3, M.APSI was born on 3 May 1962 in Kranj. After finishing elementary school, I enrolled in the programme for laboratory technicians at the Secondary School of Nursing in Ljubljana. I then continued my education at the Higher Professional Education Study Programme, Radiologic Technology. I am married and father of four children.In 1990 I began actively participating in photography exhibitions all over the world. So far I have won over 1260 awards. I was awarded the Photographic Federation of Slovenia’s Master of Photography title in 2009 and the Master PSA title in 2015. FIAP awarded me the Excellence FIAP Diamond 3 title in 2018.During all these years, my love for photography has not waned. On the contrary, it is only now that I realize how many wonders I have yet to catch with my camera. Recently, my favourite themes have been the forest, swans, landscape, black-and-white photography, and experimental photography. I am searching for themes that are rich in colour, wonderfully illuminated, and represent something exceptional in nature. When I find that special theme, I isolate it and then wait for the hour of the day or the season of the year which allows me to show what I see in my own unique way. In the digital darkroom I often combine photographs or change them into something different, better. Last year, due to illness, I devoted myself entirely to creative photography. Every day I come up with new and new ideas, which I am happy to implement.When it comes to photography, the possibilities are endless. I can keep coming back to the same theme, finding it to be different every single time. This diversity, continuous changing of the lighting, gives me immense pleasure and the opportunity to search for something yet unseen.

Works Synopsis

I always liked to go into the forest and photograph it. Every day, every hour, every season is different. A never finished story. The worse the weather, the more foggy or rainy, the better the photos. You have to breathe with the forest, feel it, and it returns you with countless beauties. I keep coming back to the forest and am never disappointed. However, since wood from the forest is used for many products, I came up with the idea of displaying the forest on the boards of old doors. The photos look a little less lively, but the old doors come to life. It's like they got a new life.

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