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Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Aleksandr Artemev

About Me

In photography, Alexandr Artemev prefers to shoot art, social topics, and sports. Laureate and winner of many international photo exhibitions and competitions — Serbia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, India, Turkey, Bangladesh, North Macedonia, Russian Federation, Montenegro, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Singapore, South Africa, Tajikistan, China, Malaysia. Citizen of the Russian Federation since 1962. Higher education. November 2016 I attended the author's course of lectures by Vladimir Vyatkin "Contemporary photojournalism". Soon I started creating the first visual story in my creative activity "Chagall. The paint of love".I first watched the Ice Hockey World Championship on TV in 1968. Perhaps it was then that the thought of becoming a cameraman flashed through my head. At the age of 19 it all started - my father gave me a "Zenit-TTL" camera, and I bought a "Leningrad-215" movie camera.Participant of the International Festival of Arts "Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk" in 1996 and 1997 as an operator in the non-state television company "Channel 48".The photographs were published in the largest monthly international magazines "Foto & Video", "Digital Photo", newspapers in Russia and Belarus - "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", "Belarus Segodnya".Multiple participant in the International Aeronautics Meeting in Velikiye Luki, Pskov Region.Author of five personal exhibitions, participant of more than 10 group exhibitions, my photographs are in private collections, museums and exhibition halls in the cities of Russia and the Republic of Belarus - Vitebsk, St. Petersburg, Pskov, Velikiye Luki, Rostov-on-Don. Born in the Leningrad region, lives in Vitebsk. He is a member of the ILFIAP club "Eurasia".

Works Synopsis

The life of Marc Chagall is the story of the struggle for the right to be yourself. It can inspire anyone who wants to become an artist, a writer, who wants to realize his dream. World famous painter Marc Chagall was born on July 7, 1887 near Vitebsk in the Russian Empire.One of Chagall's early paintings, "Lovers" (1928), was sold for a record $ 28.5 million at Sotheby's. In the painting, the artist depicted himself with his muse and first wife Bella Rosenfeld (the wedding took place in Vitebsk in 1915). A quarter of Marc Chagall's life is associated with Vitebsk, it played a major role in his formation, gave powerful, unforgettable impressions, inspiration and joy for all subsequent years.My story of a sincere admirer of the artist's work is a figurative portrait of Marc Chagall, an attempt to reveal the inner world of the master, to tell about the "energy" of his birthplace – the city of Vitebsk. In 1997, I worked as a cameraman for the private television company Channel 48 and filmed a story about the opening of the Marc Chagall Museum on Pokrovskaya Street. I started to create a visual story "Chagall. The Paint of Love" in 2016.The artist carried an amazing and tender love for Vitebsk through his entire long life. Marc Chagall was very fond of meeting people coming from the USSR, he listened with interest to any news coming from his homeland, and still hoped to visit there. In 1977, Marc Chagall was awarded the highest award of France-the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, an exhibition of the artist's works opened in the Louvre. It was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Chagall, and contrary to all the rules, the works of the living author were exhibited in the Louvre!"Vitebsk melody on a French violin" - this is the name of the monument in the courtyard of the house-museum of Marc Chagall. The Master's flight continues!

Exhibition Name

My sad and cheerful city


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