Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival


About Me

Avijit Bose AFIP, AFIAP, GM.APS, Hon.CPE, Hon.GNGCountry: IndiaI am Avijit Bose an amateur photographer, living in Kolkata, India.I have completed my AFIAP distinction and am currently pursuing my EFIAP. My work has been currently displayed in more than 30 countries worldwide.I started my journey on photography around 15 years now.I started competing in National and International Salons in 2021. I have a special interest in Studio Portrait, Environmental Portrait, Street, People & Culture, and Travel Photography.

Works Synopsis

I am presenting my work related to women and children in a portrait, and an environmental story telling portrait. The majority of my work is shot in a studio as well as outside.  I enjoy showcasing their beauty (women) and dedication to their daily work lives. 

Exhibition Name

Asia Photo Festival


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