Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Dr. Yu Kwok Keung

About Me

PhD, MSc-ENV, MBA, LLB-PRC, BBA, PgDipPhotography, ProDipDPIE, ProDipPAKEY Studio Co-Founder, Founder & President of PPI, Founder & President of NPS-INTL,Professional Photographer, Tutor, Salon Judge, Curator, Columnist, Corporate Trainer (NVQ)Grand MasterSAP, GMP.NPS, GM.PIPC, MasterARGUS, CMP.PPI, MP.NPS, FAPAS, FAPU, FNJPA, FNPS, FRSPS, FWPAI, FSAP, FCHKFPA, FPIPC, ARPS, ACFPA, ANPS, ACAPA, ASAP, BPSA, GEP.SAP, Hon.GM.SAP, Hon.MP.NPS, Hon.MWPAI, Hon.EUSPA, Hon.FSWAN, Hon.FNJPA, Hon.FNPS, Hon.FICS, Hon.FWPG, Hon.FRSPS, Hon.FARGUS, Hon.FAVAA, Hon.CPEHe is a man of prodigious talents: columnist, curator, business management, consulting psychologist, but above all, photographer. He dedicated himself to photography over 30 years, from monochrome to colour, from freelance to professional, from darkroom finishing to digital photography. He has a profound knowledge of photography and was invited by numerous organizations to give public speeches on photographic skills and techniques at venues such as Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Hong Kong Open University.He is remarkably recognized by his nature and documentary photos. KK strives to capture the beauty of butterflies in particular since 2008. His goal is to use images to communicate with the masses, and promote community environmental awareness through exhibitions, talks and education. He has established two photographic associations called Professional Photographers International (PPI) and International Nature Photographic Society (NPS-INTL) which are to promote and support the art of photography in Hong Kong and Worldwide. He has been appointed as an adviser of several photographic associations and invited as a judge of several international salon competitions.

Works Synopsis

Colorful flowers adorn nature with its presence, giving it a magnificent beauty. Therefore, flowers are the embodiment of nature. Flowers blossom all year around, it inspires me greatly, with an endless supply of color and texture, which bring a fresh opportunity each day.Images from abstract close-up to the macro are revealing the beauty and wonder of flowers that you may see. In this portfolio, I have selected a collection from 2015-2017, I do hope that by spending time with my pictures you too can share the same affection with flowers.

Exhibition Name

Momentary Beauty


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