Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Janos Demeter

About Me

Who I am? – looking for the answer for 60 years. Whenever I think I have the answer, I realize I’ve changed.Otherwise, I do not consider myself as being specialized in one field of photography or another. Many years ago I started photography by installing a darkroom in our house, then a "new era" started in 2013, when a friend of mine convinced me to buy a DSLR camera. Since then, I have now a full frame Canon camera, a couple of lenses and other stuff. What I like most is nature, landscapes, macro, B&W and night photography. I am a member of the Photographic Society of America, owning the title of MPSA and also an APU member. I have more than 1000 photos entered in different international contests in 50 countries.

Works Synopsis

Travel to North and South cold worlds made a change in my vision about the world. It is a common sense that laying on a hot beach, entering a pristine blue warm water, enjoying the sunshine is THE GOOD and freezing, facing snowstorms, having sunshine only for a few hours is THE BAD or at least THE DIFFICULT.But then I learned to enjoy icebergs, jumping in icy water, facing polar bears, penguins and elphant seals, so my next trip will be again to a polar region.

Exhibition Name

Cold world


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