Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Mrinal Sen

About Me

I am a dedicated and energetic photographer with 10+ years of experience in Nature & Wildlife photography and outdoor photography like street, people, places, etc. Photography came to me naturally. I started photography as a hobby and over a period of time it has become my passion. I am competent in capturing good quality images. My love for nature, wildlife, people and my thirst for visiting new places has driven me towards photography.I regularly participate in National and International photography competitions to showcase my works.I have won around 350+ awards with 3000+ acceptances in various national & international photography competitions.I have achieved the following degrees in photography1. EPSA (Photographic Society of America)2. EFIAP (Federation Internationale De L’Art Photographique)3. GPU CR2 (Global Photography Union)4. EFIP (Federation of Indian Photography)5. GPA. PESGSPC (Cyprus)6. HON. PESGSPC (Cyprus)7. G APS (Agile Photography Service, Bangladesh)8. Hon. CPE (Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society)Photography is something which we can use to present and tell different stories of love, happiness, pain, etc. of different life forms from different places.

Works Synopsis

My images present different forms of life on earth whether human or animals or birds. I try to capture the different behaviors.

Exhibition Name

Asia Photo Festival 2022


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