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Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival


About Me

Appreciating a beautiful landscape photography gives people an immersive feeling and is refreshing. I will present some wonderful documentary photography. I hope you can like them and draw inspiration from them. Everywhere you go, you will find another place. A kind of ethnic life color can give you a spiritual power to inspire emotions. It can inspire you to feel a sense of freedom and satisfaction while creating photography.Through the lens, "beautiful moments and colorful works are truly displayed in front of you"Through the website, the wonderful local folk customs, the colorful and rich multiculturalism, and the dizzying scenery are displayed on the online platform.Walking all the way step by step, over the years, in the world of light and shadow, in the world of color, natural scenery and documentary photography, I have successfully won awards from various countries around the world.SOO WEE MINGMPSA. EFIAP. FPSM. FAPU. FRPST. FAPS. FSPS. FAPASFMPC. FSWAN. PSA GALAXY 5. ARPS. EUSPA. EFMPA.MEPSP.MEFIP. BEAPE. AWIEP. ASPM. ATPS. AFIP. AEPSPHon.FPSM. Hon.FMPC Hon.FICS. Hon.FPVS. Hon.FSCPS.Hon.CPE. Hon.EPPSM Hon.FPSP. Hon.FPSK. Hon.SPAS

Works Synopsis

大凉山彝族新年/牛牛坝赶集让我们一起走进凉山州的大山深处,看看布拖县拖觉乡的牛羊交易市场吧!交易市场设在公路边一个半封闭的小树林里。市场不大,大约半个足球场大小。这里的交易应该是以牛羊为主,没有看到其他你牲畜。这漂亮的黑山羊应该是这里的主角啦, 当地彝族人家家杀鸡宰羊,饮酒欢歌,四周彝族人也从百十里之外赶来参加这一节日.彝族对过年十分重视,也很热闹。好些在外打工的人往往提前20多天就返家准备过年了,彝族年像汉族的春节一样,是一年中最喜气,最令人向往的节日。参与交易的彝族同胞喜欢穿这种披风,彝族人叫他查尔瓦处理的原生羊毛制作而成,有很强的防水防潮功能,所以彝族人在过去是人人必备的服饰。披在身上保暖防雨雪,野外垫坐可防潮,夜里还可当被褥。老一代人十分喜欢穿查尔瓦,但是年轻人觉得穿起来不太轻松随意,一般平时都不愿意穿,只有结婚、过年等这种重大仪式或重大场合才穿,现在都当礼服穿了。Daliangshan Yi New Year/Niuniuba MarketLet’s go deep into the mountains of Liangshan Prefecture and take a look at the cattle and sheep trading market in Tuojue Township, Butuo County! The trading market is located in a semi-enclosed grove beside the road. The market is not big, about half the size of a football field.The trade here should be mainly cattle and sheep, and no other livestock was seen. This beautiful black goat should be the protagonist here. The local Yi people kill chickens and sheep, drink and sing, and the surrounding Yi people also come from hundreds of miles away to participate in this festival.The Yi people attach great importance to the New Year and are very lively. Many people who work outside often return home more than 20 days in advance to prepare for the New Year. Like the Spring Festival of the Han people, the Yi New Year is the most joyful and coveted festival of the year.The Yi compatriots who participate in the trade like to wear this kind of cloak. The Yi people call it Charwa. It is made of virgin wool processed by Charwa. It has strong waterproof and moisture-proof functions, so it was a must-have clothing for everyone in the past. Throw it on your body to keep warm from rain and snow, sit on it outdoors to prevent moisture, and it can also be used as a bedding at night.The older generation likes to wear Charwax very much, but young people feel that it is not easy and casual to wear. Generally, they are not willing to wear it in daily life. They only wear it in major ceremonies or important occasions such as weddings and Chinese New Year. Now they are worn as formal dresses.

Exhibition Name

Daliangshan Yi New Year/Niuniuba Market


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