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Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival


About Me

Mr. Vaibhav Shrikant Jaguste. A strong believer of the quote “Camera is the least important thing in Photography”, I am Mr. Vaibhav S. Jaguste from Thane, Maharashtra, India. I serve as the Vice President of The Photographic Society of India, Mumbai which is one of Asia’s oldest photography institution established in 1937. I am a Science Graduate from the University of Mumbai and in the Travel and Tourism Business. Being a self-taught photographer, I have developed myself in Pictorial Photography. As a photo enthusiast, it is my way of creating art and expressing in this fast paced digital world. Photography lets me sink in, breathe a moment in nature and capture it in its most brilliant of forms.I am a regular participant in the National and International Photography competitions , and have won over 100 awards & 1000 acceptances from 23 countries. My work is highly appreciated by the Federation of Indian Photography, and have honored me with the prestigious Fellowship ( FFIP ), Federation International D’La Art Photography, Luxemburg ( FIAP) as EFIAP. Photographic society of America as BPSA , And Image college society (USA) with AICS. Along with EFIAP,& AICS the India International Photographic Council, New Delhi has recognized my work by offering me their honour of AIIPC. GPA ,Hon, PESGSPC from Cyprus .Along with being a participant, I wholehearted judge Photography competitions, simply for it is honoring to view and analyze the mesmerizing talents from across the world. My work has been displayed at clubs like The Photographic Society of India -Mumbai, Friends of Colorful India -Thane, and other places. I also lead my Club along with National Executives to Seoul, South Korea and Morocco, Marrakech to attend FIAP Congress in the year of August 2016/2019 respectively. My one Man Show / Photography exhibition “Hymns of Nature” from 27th Dec 2017 to 02nd Jan 2018 and Group show “ Rocks and waves” from 08th Jan 2020 to 14th jan 2020 at nations prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery art gallery, Mumbai is greatly supported by Print media and art industry... Mr. Vaibhav S. Jaguste Ex. Vice President,Photographic Society of India, Mumbai.EFIAP,BPSA,AIIPC, FFIP,APSI, AICS, GPA Hon, PESGSPC ,Hon SWAN, Hon CPC, Email ; -

Works Synopsis

Portfolio: Vintage world (Morocco)Morocco, a country as old as time and is the only African country to still hold a monarchy. With varied Western and Arabic influences ruling Morocco since the 7th century, today’s Morocco continues to preserve its heritage. Timeless fortress like structures are lined in the city of Marrakesh which provide a glimpse of life in the old times and architectural excellence. With the turn of the new age, Morocco is rebuilding their cities with new architectures and industries along with one of the world’s largest artificial ports, Casablanca. During my travel in this country, I was fascinated by the lines and forms in the different structures and windows. These forms were intricately lined with traditional designs showcasing Arabic influences throughout the city and old ruins. As you travel across cities, you experience the essence of the country progressing with heritage structures lined with a newer structures and art forms. One of the unique views I witnessed was that some regions had their vintage walls lined with old world lamps while other walls lined with modern graffiti creating a society of old and new. The culture and people in Morocco have been influenced by different societies, so the music favours Sufism, a musical journey to communicate with the divine. The desserts, the people and old world charm makes Morocco a unique spot for travel photography.

Exhibition Name

Vintage world ( Morocco)


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