Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Venkatesh BS

About Me

Myself, Venkatesh BS (called Venkat by friends), am a passionate amateur photographer, traveller and also an avid reader/writer. I am based out of Bangalore, India.I have been doing photography since my college days. After I completed my masters in Computer Engineering in the USA, I worked in a software company based out of Dallas, TX. I travelled extensively on the job, thus giving me a chance to do photo tours. Have visited nearly all states in the US, including camping in YellowStone National Park for photography. I had multiple opportunities to work in Europe, which I also utilized to strengthen my photography skills. On a professional level, I am currently an IT/Software entrepreneur.For the last few years, I have done multiple cultural photo tours all over India, including meeting tribals. I also do wildlife photography and go on frequent safaris. Last year, I did a photo tour of various wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya, Africa.Since 2020, I started participating in salons/exhibitions and within 2 years completed GMPSA. Overall, I have won over 1000 awards and 7000+ various salons. In addition, I am the captain/in-charge for the Nature Quarterly Contest for Federation of Indian Photography (FIP) since 2021. Last year, I received a plaque from FIP in appreciation of my services. I also serve as Salon Lead of my photo club Youth Photographic Society (YPS).Earlier this year, I attended the PSA photo gathering in Jaisalmer, India (held for the first time outside the US), and got the opportunity to interact with many senior photographers of PSA. I also have contributed a few articles to various photography publications, and my writeup of the above-mentioned PSA gathering was published in Mar-Apr 2023 issue of Dristi bi-monthly magazine (awarded by PSA in publications) of my club YPS. In Sep 2023, I took up the volunteer position as PSA Travel Interclub Director.Photography Distinctions:GMPSA, EFIAP/b, GPU CR4, c**MoL, GMAPS, GMAPG, MNPS, EHPS, EFIP, ESSP, IIG/p, ES.CPE, Hon.CPE, Hon.FAPG, Hon.FTR

Works Synopsis

Desert life of Rajasthan===============Life in desert is so different from other locations; it has it's own unique beauty and charm. During two trips made to deserts of Jaisalmer and Pushkar, both located in Rajasthan, India, I have tried to capture life of nomadic camel herders during the cooler months. Chill of early morning makes them light fires, and I love to capture these events. Also, activates like motorcycling & jeep riding in desert gives a modern feel to life.

Exhibition Name

Asia Photo Festival 2023


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