Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival


Elena McTighe​
President of the Photographic Society of America​

On behalf of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), I want to congratulate the founders and participants of the Asia Photo Festival. PSA shares in your commitment to provide a platform for aspiring photographers in Asia, to develop and share their common love of photography. It is important to strengthen our photographic organizations, and festivals such as the Asia Photo Festival accomplish this. Photography transcends national borders, cultural and linguistic barriers and organizations such as yours strengthen and empower the brotherhood of photographers.

With advent of smart phones and social media, everyone has become a “photographer.” But what separates the casual snap shooter from the fine art photographer? The Asia Photo Festival seeks to clarify the answer to that question.

By promoting our various photographic organizations and making the public aware of their many programs and photographic recognitions, we hope to inspire the casual photographer to elevate himself to pursue the fine art of photography.

Congratulations to the Asia Photo Festival for promoting the “fun and joy of photography.”

Riccardo Busi

It is with great pleasure that I join everyone in celebrating the launch of Asia Photo Festival 2020 which is presented by the Asia Photographers Union (APU).

2020 is a year that will be remembered as a year of challenges for everyone, especially for those in photography. We are all affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Overseas travels have come to almost a standstill, and photographic events worldwide have to be postponed, cancelled, or held in different ways. Faced with the reality of COVID-19, we have to make drastic changes to our lives, and the ways we interact. We find ourselves relying on new technology to hold online gatherings and virtual photographic events which has become “a new normal”.

This has hastened our initiative of launching the FIAP PHOTO ACADEMY to commemorate FIAP’s 70th Anniversary. The Academy will create and organise online events aimed at increasing FIAP’s engagements with photographers worldwide.

Concurrently, it will provide global photography courses and training to FIAP members, including training of “FIAP Certified Judges”; in partnership with universities and schools of photography. FIAP Photo Academy will start its courses in mid-2021. Meanwhile, its online events have already started and will build up to a regular rhythm in 2021.

I would like to commend the team at APU who has within a very short time, created and presented this first online photo festival in Asia as its response to COVID-19. In addition to online lectures, seminars, it also showcases the works of 383 photographers from 40 countries. I wish you all a very enjoyable and fruitful experience at the Asia Photo Festival.

on behalf of Global Photographic Union
Metzakis Manolis
President of Global Photographic Union

Dear friends of APU,
Dear friends-photographers of the world,

We, in GPU, are thrilled to join this initiative, the Asia Photo Festival!

During this peculiar year, in which people are forced to stay away from each other, it is absolutely necessary to maintain our initial habits, which of course have to adjust to current conditions, for the sake of human health.

But health is not just physical, but also mental. So, is there a better way to improve our bad psychology rather than involving ourselves in activities related to what we mostly love? This is one the reasons why, we in GPU commend this effort.

Additionally, we agree with APU friends, that smart phones have invaded our lives, on the one side making it easier by providing immense opportunities, but on the other way, replacing a lot the personal contact, human relationships, while in our case, our photographic cameras and the experts’ opinion. Occasionally, photographic inspiration is replaced by ready filters while experts knowledge by ‘’likes’’. Of course, we are not here to demonize smart phones but to emphasize to our values and expertise!

We are here to present GPU to the people, as an international federation for the people! For the people who are truly interested in joining a universal entity, become part of it, connect with other people, gain real distinctions, join educative programs and further activities. Just to mention that just for 2020, and despite the difficulties, among others, GPU has organized a 7 photographic webinar session for multiple photography topics, has prepared 2 issues of GPU magazine distributed globally, has evaluated and approved more than 250 titles, Crown and VIP applications and has provided more than 220 GPU licenses to international photographic salons. And the year has not come to its end. A number of interesting projects are on their way.

At last but not least, we sincerely wish to thank Steven Yee Pui Chung and APU friends for their initiative, for their positive energy and for their service at the photography community!!!

Let’s enjoy the festival together!!!

Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS
Director, Education and Public Affairs
The Royal Photographic Society, United Kingdom

Greetings and all success to the Asia Photo Festival

The Royal Photographic Society is the world’s oldest photography organisation with a long and distinguished history back to 1853 and an international membership that extends from enthusiasts to some of the greatest photographers. It is always a pleasure to be able to extend its best wishes to recent organisations, such as the Asia Photographers Union (APU) and to new festivals, like the Asia Photo Festival.

The RPS has evolved as photography has changed, whether that was the move from daguerreotype to collodion, dry-plates to roll film or traditional silver-based photography to digital. Photographers have always embraced changes in technology, and they continue to do so, using new techniques to showcase their creativity and skills and to create beautiful and well-craft photographs, documenting our world and its peoples.

The Asia Photo Festival will be a new forum for photographers to share their thoughts and to showcase their photography. Inspite of the challenges of COVID and the restrictions on travel our international community remains passionate about for photography. Whether in person or through digital technology we continue to meet and, in the words of the RPS in 1853, to continue 'the interchange of thought and experience among ohotographers'.

On behalf of The Royal Photographic Society I extend our best wishes and every success to the Asia Photo Festival.

Barun Sinha
Honorary Secretary General, Federation of Indian Photography

Asia Photo Festival, Singapore

FIP has been closely associated with the AFU for the last 18 months and many photographers from India has been duly honoured for their distinguished work by the APU.

For nearly 6 months now FIP is patronizing the Circuits and Salons organized by APU. These exhibitions are basically organized every month with PSA as a lead patronizing body. FIP patronage adds value to all the photographers in general as many photographers across the globe have recently shown interest in the FIP distinctions and it also helps the Indian photographers to participate at the global level.

All distinguished image makers of India were genuinely excited when it became known that APU is organising a Photo Festival where large number of photographers can showcase and display their work and also see the works of other contemporary great photo artists.

Team FIP had a job at hand when it was asked to select 5 photographers to represent India on this august forum. Fortunately this limit was later on relaxed to 15 photo artists who submitted 15 to 20 individual works with synopsis and bio data.

The organizers have also invited many photographers across the globe to contribute their own individual images and thus it has become a medley of images with many awe inspiring photo works.

I can well understand what it takes to organize such a mammoth event and the logistics which are involved.

The event will be remembered for its simplicity as well as the classic works it has put on the global pedestal.

For any student of photography it is a must visit and a great learning lesson. I wish the event a great success and hope many more such events will be organized in future where all students of photography can show their work to an internal audience.

Johnny Hendarto
Chairman of FPSI (Federation of Photographic Society of Indonesia)

It is such a real celebration that hundreds of photographers from all over the world participate in Asia Photo Festival, despite all the challenges in this unusual time of pandemic. On behalf of Federation of Photographic Society of Indonesia, I would like to congratulate Asia Photographers Union (APU) for initiating and organizing this event.

Photography has been transforming through all the years.. from analog to digital, DSLR to smartphones, it doesn’t matter what method or camera you use, the most important thing is the way a photographer captures that split second moment with his heart and eyes, and charms the world with the photo. Through this festival, not only professional photographers can share this passion of art with each other, but also share technic and tips to casual photographers to develop their instinct and skills.

So I wish a great success for this festival, hope it can continue, because photography is an art to be shared with joy and fun indeed.

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan
President & Founder, Pharaohs International Photographic Club (PIPC)

Greeting from Egypt

I am honored to receive an invitation for my club from my friend Mr. Steven president of Asia Photographers Union, Singapore to be part of (( Asia Photo Festival )) which will be held in December 2020.

I like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Steven and his team for their great and hard work in arranging Asia Photo Festival in 2020 as all of you know it was a very hard year for all of us and I hope that the festival will be the beginning for further collaboration between different club/union from all over the world.
It is very important for all of us to exchange our knowledge in photography and to provide amature and beginner photographers with the opportunity to participate in different photographic events to encourage them for going on in the field of photography.

Pharaohs international photographic club (( PIPC )) is an Egyptian Photographic club. We are Non-Profit Organization and the objective of our club is to provide enjoyment and knowledge of photography to all photographers all over the world. We are aiming to reach our targets through:-
1- Organizing a photo walks for the photographers in Egypt to share our skills.
2- Enhance and develop our photographic skills and appreciation of photography.
3- Promote and encourage the full recognition of photography as art.
4- Meet and socialize with peoples who share similar interests.
5- Held exhibition for photographers from all over the world.
6- Organize photographic trips in different countries.
7- Organizing photographic international salons.
8- Organizing online photographic courses.

Our club membership is open for all photographers all over the world no matter you are amature or professional photographer you can join our club and enjoy our benefits.

We are looking forward to enhance and develop the photographic skills for all the interest photographers all over the world and to be one of the famous helpful club in the Photographic Field.

Harry Woo Hong Sang
President, The Photographic Society of Malaysia


本人受邀撰写 2020 年<亚洲摄影节>活动献词 ,我谨致献上衷心的祝贺,也深感荣幸!

此活动迎来网上个人组照展览,著名摄影家分享会及摄影名衔申请程序等节目 。

在这些年来 ,亚洲摄影家联盟在新加坡这个大都会 ,默默耕耘和全力推动影艺活动 ,对发扬摄影艺术和培育摄影人才 ,作出卓越的贡献 ,有目共睹 ,被誉为在国际上创出一片新天地 。

摄影其实是可发挥强大的功能 !一张美好的照片 ,可以转播高价值观 ,可以是历史记录 ,也可推动人文风光,描绘现实生活。。。等 ,用镜头留下永恒的瞬间,足以感动人心 ,启发心灵。

在此要强调一点 ,摄影应深入去了解每样要拍摄事物的目的 ,除了技术外 ,须把作品有连贯性呈献于观赏者 ,使观者对作者的作品更显有感染力及价值观 。

此价值观可用作展出 ,出版影集加以推介。

有鉴于此 ,本人由衷希望亚洲摄影家联盟再接再厉 ,更加努力推广有意义摄影活动 ,除提升摄影艺术外,对社会可发挥更大的影响力 ,绽放更加璀璨美丽的异彩 !

Kyaw Kyaw Winn
President, Myanmar Photographic Society


Congratulations to Asia Photo Festival 2020 organised by Asia Photographers Union. The Myanmar Photographic Society is proud to participate in this photo festival. Asia Photographers Union is an Asian photography group that is known for its ongoing artistic activities. Prior to the Asia Photo Festival 2020, the Myanmar Photographic Society and Asia Photographers Union have mutual cooperation. Members of the Myanmar Photographic Society also received photographic certificates and awards from Asia Photographers Union.

Thanks also to Asia Photographers Union for inviting us to participate in the Asia Photo Festival 2020. This helps to encourage Asian photographers to showcase their photography works to the world. Through this Asia Photo Festival, the various photographic societies can interact with each other. We believe that cooperation will increase.

ASEAN, Asian and world photographers will also be able to share their knowledge and experience through the festival. We hope to have more photo exchanges. I wish this Asia Photo Festival success.

President of TFSF

Dear Photographer Friends of the World, As Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (TFSF) we are glad to be a part of Asia Photo Festival.

TFSF is the only and biggest Federation in Turkey with member of 64 Photography Clubs all around the country and more than 8000 members. In these days, due to Covid all of our clubs are working online and try to catch activities around the world. We believe that “The Asia Photo Festival” will be new forum for photographers not only for Asia but also for the world. In this terrible days due to COVID Pandemia, it will be a good break for arts and human life. We are sure that this event will be a beginning of new collaborations between photographers of Turkey and other countries.

On behalf of the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey I would like to thank to Steven Yee Pui Chung and our best wishes and success to the Asia Photo Festival.

Best wishes and healthy days for all of the photographer friends from Turkey.

President, Edremit Photography Art Association (EDFOD)

First of all, I would like to congratulate the founders and participants of the Asian Photography Festival on behalf of myself and the Edremit Photography Art Association (EDFOD), which I lead.

Photography organizations are very important for photographers to exhibit their works to art lovers. Photography is global, knows no borders. Organizations such as the Asian Photography Festival help photographers promote their works to the world. Such organizations strengthen the brotherhood of photographers as well as the promotion of photographers.

I hope this festival will inspire amateur photographers to improve themselves.

And finally, I would like to sincerely thank Steven Yee Pui Chung and his APU friends for their initiative, positive energy and service in the photography community.

Let's enjoy the festival together.

Greetings from Turkey