Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival


J.R. Schnelzer​
Photographic Society of America Worldwide

On behalf of the Photographic Society of America, worldwide, I would like to congratulate you on your 3rd Asia Photo Festival, occurring this December. PSA is now in over 80 countries with many more than that in languages spoken, but photography is our true language and allows for all of us to communicate with one another.

It is organizations such as yours that continues to lead the world in the development and education of photographers and what better way than to gather some of the best photographers at your 2022 Asian Photo Festival. I wish I could be there in person to share amongst so many talented photographers but know that I am there in spirit.

Riccardo Busi

The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) is once again happy to be associated with the Asia Photo Festival 2022, presented by the Asia Photographers Union (APU). The theme of this year’s Festival is “My Best Photo” which allows photographers from different parts of the world to share their best shot. It will help promote mutual understanding among the photographers, and bridge gaps between their different cultures and nationalities.

This is in line with the objectives of FIAP which promotes photographic art in all its aspects through all kinds of photographic events, regardless of race, religion, nationalities, and ideologies. As a worldwide non-profit organisation representing more than two million photographers from over 100 countries, FIAP supports the effort of APU in organising such an event that is also aimed at fostering international friendship.

Although many countries have eased their travel restrictions, the festival remains virtual. Because in-person events in Asia are still pricy due to higher traveling costs, and China's Zero-Tolerance COVID-19 Policy. Even without the charm of an in-person Festival, this event will provide a broad reach and experience for the photographers.

I wish you all a very enjoyable and fruitful experience at the Asia Photo Festival.

Johnny Hendarto
Federation of Photographic Society of Indonesia

It is my great pleasure to be a part of this year’s Asia Photo Festival, one great vision that come to reality, a photo & knowledge sharing platform for photographers all over the world.

On behalf of my fellow photographers of FPSI, I would like thank your effort in showing to the world the art of photography using DSLR and mirrorless camera that cannot be replaced easily by the convenience of smartphone. It is a real deal that should be taken seriously.

Congratulations to Steven Yee and the APU organization for Asia Photo Festival 2022, I wish that this festival grows continuously and inspires not only photographers to accomplish more but also other people to learn the real photography.


Edremit Photography and Cinema Art Association (EDFOD)

First of all, I would like to congratulate the founders and participants of the Asian Photography Festival on behalf of myself and Edremit Photography and Cinema Art Association (EDFOD), which I lead.

Photography organizations are very important in terms of exhibiting the works of photographers to art lovers. Photography is global, it knows no boundaries. Organizations such as the Asian Photography Festival help photographers promote their work to the world. Such organizations not only promote photographers, but also strengthen the fellowship of photographers.

I hope this festival inspires amateur photographers to improve themselves.

And finally, I would like to sincerely thank Steven Yee Pui Chung and his fellow APUs for their initiative, positive energy and service in the photography community.

Let's enjoy the festival together.

Greetings from Turkey

Metzakis Manolis


Global Photographic Union (GPU)

Dear friends of APU,

Dear friends-photographers of the world, I am happy to hear that the 2nd Asia Photo Festival 2021 is a fact!

We, in GPU, are thrilled to join this initiative, the 2nd Asia Photo Festival for second time!

During this 2nd peculiar year, in which people are forced to stay away from each other, it is absolutely necessary to maintain our initial habits, which of course have to adjust to current conditions, for the sake of human health.

But health is not just physical, but also mental. So, is there a better way to improve our bad psychology rather than involving ourselves in activities related to what we mostly love? This is one the reasons why, we in GPU commend this effort.

We are here to present GPU to the people, as an international federation for the people who love photography! For the people who are truly interested in joining a universal entity, become part of it, connect with other people, gain real distinctions, join educative programs and further activities. Just to mention that just for 2020 and 2021, and despite the difficulties, among others, GPU has organized photographic webinars session for multiple photography topics, has prepared 2 issues of GPU magazine distributed globally, has evaluated and approved a lot of titles, Crown and VIP applications and has provided GPU licenses to international photographic salons. And the year has not come to its end. A number of interesting projects are on their way.

I hope this year to be the last one with all these restrictions. I hope to be free again to join our lives as we did till 2019!

At last but not least, we sincerely wish to thank Steven Yee Pui Chung and APU friends for their initiative, for their positive energy and for their service at the photography community!!!

Let’s enjoy the 2nd festival together!!!

Kyaw Kyaw Winn​
Myanmar Photographic Society


Congratulations to the Asia Photo Festival 2021 hosted by Asia Photographers Union. The Myanmar Photographic Society is proud to participate in this photo festival for two consecutive years. The theme for this year’s Asia Photo Festival 2021 is “Home”. It is said that the world is now a big village. So photography is a home in that huge village. All photographers live in this same home together. We can share photography skills with each other. We can learn the photography together in this home.

Thanks also to Asia Photographers Union for allowing us to participate in this year’s Asia Photo Festival 2021 again. This is a collaboration not only at the ASEAN level but also at the global level. Photographers living in the same home should be friendly. We started to grow together under one roof. Through this Asia Photo Festival, photo societies can interact with each other. We believe that cooperation will increase. I wish Asia Photo Festival a long and successful one.



虽然在这二年来全球受到疫情肆虐,摄影活动受到阻滞,但贵会在会长余培钟领导下 ,促进与世界各国摄影家和摄影团体的创作 ,以线上交流,增进大家友谊,合作等方面作出了巨大的贡献 ,取得了丰硕成果 ,相信在贵会的努力下 ,定会更加闯出辉煌灿烂 成绩。

我深信两会有着深刻友谊 ,希望更加紧密合作 ,交 流,共同推动两国摄影界繁荣与发展 。

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan
PIPC President & Founder

Dear Friends

Greeting from Pharaohs International Photographic Club - PIPC (( Egypt ))

It is a great pleasure for PIPC - Egypt to be part of such a great photographic event like Asia photo Festival , on behalf of me and my club members i would like to thank Mr. Steven and his team for arranging the festival every year in Singapore . Asia photo festival is a great opportunity for all photographers all over the world to exchange their knowledge and experience in one place . I wish all the best for Asia photo festival and i hope for every photographer around the world to reach his/her dreams in the photographic field .

Wolfgang Lin
United Photographers Hong Kong

It is UPHK’s honor being invited to participate into the APU 2021. As one of the photography club based in Hongkong China, we promote “photography as art” in Hongkong and worldwide. In APU 2021, UPHK has the honor to present the beautiful views and sceneries to you.

We wish a successful launch of APU 2021 and we believe that APU 2021 is a good platform for us – all artistic photographers around the world – to share, to meet, to discuss and to enrich our experience in photography.

Wimal Amaratunge
Executive Director/President
National Association of Photographers -Sri Lanka

Being an associated photographic organization of the Asian Photographic Union we, the National Association of Photographers-Sri Lanka (NAPSL) are very happy to send this congratulatory message on the occasion of 2nd Asian Photographic Festival. It is highly commendable to organize such a valuable event to keep the morale of the world photographic community amidst this devastating Covid-19 pandemic.

Actions are much more important than dreams in order to achieve something really great. We believe that you will present the audience with a successful event. We wish you every success in your future photo endeavors.