Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Ahmed Mohamed Hassan

About Me

I have dreamed to be among famous international photographers around the world who can help and provide useful knowledge to others and preserve the beauty of the world culture for different photographic generation through my Photos. Being a Member in Several Photographic Federations / Unions has given me further courage to step forward in the field . I Started to work and getting enthusiastic in the field of photography since 2015.I am very much interested in photography because I see it as a reflection of human’s emotion, the greatness of cultures and to help preserve our tradition from getting wiped in new generation’s mind. I am specialized in Street, travel, and lifestyle photography. At 2016, I started my passion to travel around the world to explore different cultures, as I do believe that nothing is better than doing what you like and pursuing your dream. Each image I shoot is not considered a subject, rather a story that captures my Heart before my lens, because it touches my soul and make me feel the story behind it.Personal information : .1- Photographic Expert With different art associations in many countries.2- Publish photographic articles in photographic magazine in Canada and china3- Pharaohs international photographic club President & Founder. 4- Work as photographic instructor with Nikon School Middle East .5- Arranging photographic trip with workshops during the trips6- I won more than 600 international awards. 7- Judge in international photo Salons. .8- Earned college degree in Medicine in Egypt.

Works Synopsis

All the world was facing a new virus in 2020 covid19 the most famous word during this time was stay home and at the same time their was a group of peoples fighting in the from line called (( White Army )) the image was taken in on of the quarantine area during this time for the medical team looking from the window during a raining day.


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