Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

amir ali navadeh shahla

About Me

Amir Ali NAVADEH ShahlaBorn in Tabriz, IranMaster of ArchitectureUniversity professor in the fields of architecture and photography in Tabriz cityHistory of attending more than 40 domestic and foreign photo exhibitionsSelected photos in more than 30 countriesAttending the 100th anniversary photo exhibition of IzmirAttending the photo exhibition of the steps of the city of Karbala, IraqAttending the photo exhibition of the 17th competition of Orhan Holding in TurkeyEFIAP photography certificateGold medal of the 79th Asahi Shinbon Photography Competition in JapanThe winner of the special prize of the city of Konya, Turkey, in the photo competition of the Association of Turkish PharmacistsReceiving FIAP's ribbon of honor in the 17th edition of Orhan Holding Turkey's photo competitionGold medalist of the IAAP Art Photographers Association of the World in Karbala, Iraq

Works Synopsis

This shop is located in the Tabriz Grand Bazaar, next to the carpet shops, and the work of this kind gentleman is to repair industrial equipment, but he feeds the cats there every morning before opening his shop, and when the cats see him from a distance, they chase him. They gather around him to eat their daily food


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