Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Andy Ko

About Me

My father gave me my first camera when I was about ten. My first shot was a triple exposure by mistake, the film knob needs to roll 3 times before a complete single film pass through completely. I was so fascinated with the result and was in love with photography after since. I love wildlife and mostly birds. I normally take photos of the birds around my home. A lot of time I save little birds that fell from their nest from strong wind or other reasons. I then raise them together with their parents. The baby bird would stay with me during night time and reunited with it's parents during the day until they are old enough to fly and be free. My wife is also a photographer and I also have to go everywhere with her to take photos. So I take all kinds of photos but my true love is photographing birds.

Works Synopsis

This photo is about birds around my home. A little bird fell from it's nest and the nest was broken. It was too young to survive on the ground. I took him into my home during the night and put him back under the tree where the nest was everyday. This shot was taken 2 days ago when his mum was feeding him. So it was his home and my home I guess. I think it will be another 3 to 4 days before he can fly and live outside with his family.


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