Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Arpan Uzir

About Me

Arpan Uzir is an Indian travel and landscape photographer based in Assam, India. He has an utter passion for photography and travelling. Working as a full-time photographer has led him to capture the moments of life from different corners of the country. He enjoys the experience that photography offers and loves capturing Earth's beautiful environment and documenting the stories of people. His photographic works have been recognised on National and International platforms along with several publications, awards and honours to this name.

Works Synopsis

This image of the Himalayan Red Fox was shot in Spiti Valley, India during the winter of March. A bushy-tailed Himalayan Red Fox walking through snow-covered terrain at a distance was my first sighting of the Himalayan Red Fox, and with the limited focal length that I had, I managed to capture a shot backdropped by the blue sky above and the white snow below.


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