Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Biswatosh Sengupta

About Me

BISWATOSH SENGUPTA (1944). M.Stat (ISI), Pg. Dip-in-Demo (ISI), MCA (IGNOU), DCE, DCO, Summer Course on Population from East-West Centre, USA; former Professor Information Technology( 2005-2013) & Vice-Principal, B. P. Poddar Institute of Management & Technology, and Guest Lecturer, University of Calcutta (1993-2010); Former Addl. Director-in-Charge, Socio-Economic Planning, Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (Retd. on 30th September 2004), Dy. Director of Planning (1984 - 2004) & Demographer Statistician, CMDA (1975-84); Asst. Regional Planner, CMPO, GoW.B (1973-75); Research Asst., ISI (1969-73); Ex-Member, Working Group on Perspective Plan, C.M.A, Govt. of West Bengal; Former member, UGC on Curriculum Development Committee for Visual Art; Joint Secretary, Photographic Assn. of Dum Dum & Editor IMAGE since 1974; Organised 11 (ELEVEN) International Conferences, 13 All India Seminar and 56 International Salons in Photography and number of workshop on different aspects of Photography in different parts of India. 106(Hundred and six) Publications (comprising Research Papers, Articles & Reports) including 5 published in FIAP NEWS; Co -author of two books - “ Learn Photography” & “ Experimental Photography” ; Pioneer of Introducing Free Photographic Courses in India, leading to Certificate ,Diploma and Post Diploma in Photography. Course coordinator, Free ShortTerm Courseon on PhotoEditing, Digital Research Unit, PAD and Interactive Preparatory course for MFIAP by Benu sen Study Centre of PAD. Foreign Visit : U.S.A, Canada, Greece, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong & Nepal.Successfully completed courses like Appreciation of Indian Art, International Understanding for Human Unity, Indology, Major Religions of the World, Philosophy, and The Ramakrishna Vivekanana Movement from Ramakrishana Mission Institute of Culture during 2009-2015. and Appreciation of Art Course conducted by Rajya Charukala Parshad, Govt. of West Bengal in 2014.Participated in many International Salons. Conferred the Honours ESFIAP, AFIAP, FICS, Hon.FICS, Hon.FBPS, Hon.FNPAS, MICS Hon.PESGSPC, GPA.PESGSPC, Hon.EFMPA, Hon.FIP, Hon.SOP , Hon.LMWCFAF, Hon.FFu, Hon.Chhayapath, PPICHons, Hon.FIPF, etc. Experimenting with Digital Art and has created Paintings with Computer Graphics and have been selected at the Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts, 2007 , 2009 & 2012 and Charukala Exhibition 2008. 1st Solo on Graphic Art during 30th March to 3rd April, 2009 at ABC Hall, Kolkata. 2nd Solo during 22nd-28th July 2010 and 3rd Solo on Graphic Art during 3rd- 9th October 2012 at Academy of Fine Art. 4th Solo on Creative during 11-13th December, 2013 at Gaganendra Shilpa Pradarshasala. 5th & 6th Solo on Digital Art during 28th July -3rd August 2015 at Academy of Fine Art and in November 2015 at EZCC, Santiniketan; 7th Solo Exhibition on “Mathematical Photo Art “ during 29th June-5th July,2022 at Academy of Fine Arts.

Works Synopsis

Art and Mathematics both play very important roles in human existence. From the dawn of civilization, men have tried to express his feelings and sentiments through various artistic media. In my case, the medium has been photography which I have been pursuing for the last sixty years. My work “Dichotomy_2” is an example of Mathematical Photography based on Contour drawing and TSP(Travelling Salesman Problem) using Matlab and a software develop by me.‘Mathematical Photography’ is a term I have formulated to a creative process which amalgamate both, mathematics and photography; i.e., the process uses mathematical tools to create artistic photographs. Here the process make use of intuition, imagination and mathematical knowledge for artistic pursuit. A dichotomy is a contrast between two things especially two opposed ideas —like war and peace, love and hate, black and white, male and female, night and day, dark and light, cold and hot, active and passive etc. Life is filled with odds like– yes-no, good-evil, science-superstition, real-imaginary, mind-body and so on. “Dichotomy_2” itself expresses its meaning with the separation of the picture into two parts by using tones. Here, I divided a human face symbolically with ‘black’ and ‘white’ tones which shows the feelings of two sides with contrast and contradiction of life. Life, like waves, experiences crests and troughs. The joy and the sorrow, the ups and the downs, the white and the black represent the dichotomy of human life. Following Nature’s Law, what goes up, must come down but what comes down, also rises up eventually. It is this belief, this hope that drives human life to search for light, even in its darkest hours. Hope is the flower that blooms audaciously in the barren lands of uncertainty and brings light to human life, driving us all towards brighter days ahead.


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