Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Chandan D. Naik Gaonkar

About Me

Hi, I am an amateur photographer from the beautiful state of Goa, from India. Photography is my passion. Since 2003 I am participating in State, National and International photography contest's, exhibition's. Also won numerous awards and photographic honours. I am also the grand finalist of Hamdan International Photography Awards (HIPA, Dubai) this year. I use smartphone from past some year's to click my image's. Recipient of LIIPC, IIPC Silver, FSAP, ESAP, BEASAP, FMA, Hon. FSAP photographic honour's. Sigma Academy of Photography,India has bestowed me with it's Honorary International Life Membership for my contribution in the photography. I have served of many National, International photography contest's. I believe beauty is everywhere, your vision is most important than equipments.

Works Synopsis

Title: FishermanGoa is among the most beautiful places of India. This is a paradise for nature lovers and offers ample opportunities for excellent photographs. As a resident of Goa, I find myself lucky enough as I don’t have to wander anywhere else for satisfying my thirst for Photography. This image was clicked at Peebles beach, Cabo De Ram in the costal side of Cancona, South Goa (India) on 13 May 2023. It was a fine afternoon when I noticed a fisherman on rocks. He was busy in his task. The climate was already good with beautiful clouds in the sky. I waited for the perfect moment. After a short while the waves touched the rocks near shore with intense force and resulted into a wonderful splash. The waves, the formation of clouds and the red colour costume of the fisherman added drama to the scene. I clicked this picture without delay. I used my smartphone, Poco x3 for taking this picture. Later I edited the image slightly with in Snapseed app.


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