Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Clifford FONG

About Me

I am a hobbyist photographer who likes to take shots of nature, landscapes, flowers, insects, etc. I am trying to improve my skills whenever I have the opportunity.

Works Synopsis

This photo was taken when I was traveling in Busan, South Korea, with friends. She happened to go onto the little raised mound and enjoy the autumn sea breeze, where I took quite a few shots, and this particular shot turned out quite well.It evokes "the moment" when she happened to sweep her hair back when the breeze blew.The mixed colors of the autumn sky, sunset, and mountain ranges in the background give a warm feeling, and with the subject in silhouette, the sun rays softly touch the subject perfectly. This photo was taken on a beach.She loves this photo a lot, and therefore I also want to share this moment with all of you.I do not have the skills to edit the photos except to crop the photo following the rule of two-thirds. This photo was taken with Sony Alpha6400 using Sony prime lens 24mm @ f12, ISO100, shutter speed 1/100.


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