Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Fang Wang

About Me

Wang Fang, graduated from China Academy of Fine Arts, is a member of Taizhou Photographers Association and Deputy General Secretary of Jiaojiang District Photographers Association. While studying photography at China Academy of Art since 2018, she has gradually established an interest in the photography and materials associated with it, as well as how to use the photography for conceptual expression. Started from 2020, she tried to adopt a comprehensive apporoach in her creative process, which may use a range and/or mixture of other forms of media, with photography at its core, aiming to explore the possible application of the media."Poetic Road and Garden" exhibitions for Zhejiang Big Garden Construction 2020 Project: Zitong Observation: Rural Research Report Based on Visual Anthropology, Ant Nest Art Museum, Hangzhou.Graduation exhibition "Mirrors and Windows" 2021, Yichuang Town, Hangzhou, China .

Works Synopsis

This photo was taken in Zhejiang in winter. Pouring in from the gap between trees, the sunlight shines on the surface of the pond, where the green floating duckweed and the remnants of the lotus form a sharp contrast, bringing vitality and hope to this season. However, it is in fact a phenomnon called eutrophication. Many national and provincial honors prove that Zhejiang's Five Water Treatment is effective, but when we focus on the big rivers and lakes, more attention should also draw to the water in smaller area. The green water surface may look pretty, it prevent the sunlight from entering in, let alone nourish life below it.


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