Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

FLORENTINO Molero Gutierrez

About Me

FLORENTINO MOLERO GUTIERREZ - Córdoba - SPAINFlorentino Molero is a self-taught conceptual photographer. As a photographer, he is interested in specific subjects with absolute preference for author and creative photography. Florentino preferably moves as a photographer in the field of creativity. He prefers to create photographic works inspired by everyday reality, combined with his own imagination. He strives to carefully compose photographic compositions of realistic scenes in unreal and sometimes magical spheres.Founder of the Córdoba Photographic Association (AFOCO).Distinctions:FAPU, EFIAP/b, GMPSA2, VIP5_CR4, GAPU, MCEF, GM.APS. C**MoL, EFAF, EFIP, E.SSP, E.APG, ER-ISF, R-ISF10, E.NPS, HON,CPE, HON F.NOBEL/GOLD

Works Synopsis

Modernist representation of EVA seduced by the serpent


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