Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Gennian Dong

About Me

Dong Gennian, male, is currently retired.He is a member of China Photographic Copyright Association, Photo World, Jiangsu Photographers Association, Zhenjiang Photographers Association,Global Photographic Union. He is also a registered photographer of People's Photo and Visual Jiangsu.He has been photographing for 8 years since 2014, and his photo works "Spring Return" and "Go Forward" received the special collection award and excellent award in the photography competition "Love Life Together in May", and photo "Strive" was selected for the monthly competition. The photo series "The Youngest of the Young" won the "Cheng Mo Cup" National Competition Award of Excellence. Many of his works have won provincial and municipal awards and have been published in Xinhua Daily, China Police Network, China Legal Daily and many other media.Since 2022, his works have entered international photography events for the first time, winning gold medals, silver medals, honorable mention awards as well as many other acceptances.

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Happiness in LifeExercise


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