Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Guo Wen

About Me

Wen Guo started photography in 1987, and is now a member of Hangzhou Photographers Association. She is the winner of multiple awards at home and abroad. Photo book "Lingering Fragrance" published in 2018Photo book “Watching the Homeland”published in 2019. Photos exhibited at Lishui International Photo Festival in 2021. Photos exhibited at Pingyao International Photo Festival in 2022.

Works Synopsis

The unchanged nature of all changesThe Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi said in "Zhuangzi, Tianxia": Not to be separate from his primal source constitutes what we call the Heavenly man. He is basically saying that things are changing constantly, but no matter how they change, its nature remains the same. As long as the focus is on the most essential part, all problems is resolvable and will be solved. This photo series focuses on expressing the state and emotions of closure, depression, helplessness, desire, peace, brought by the Covid, expressesing the author's thinking and understanding of Zhuangzi, the philosophical thoughts of stillness, conformity to nature, and the unity of heaven and man.


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