Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Haisong Shen

About Me

Shen Haisong, male, born in 1979, is a member of Zhejiang Photographers Association, Deputy General Secretary of Taizhou Photographers Association, and is on the board of directors of Jiaojiang Photographers Association. He is the recipient of a number of photo awards in China, and the followings are the most prominent ones:“Create a New Bingjiang” group exhibition at Baolong Art Center in 2020."Charming Danzhai" selected and exhibited at Photo Beijing in 2020.Artist residency of China-Zhejiang " Shanshui Silu" 2021Artist residency of China-Zhejiang "All Things Affectionate" 2022.Silver Award in the Art Category of the 19th Zhejiang Photography Art Exhibition,.

Works Synopsis

When you are in the mountains and rivers, you will feel all kinds of feelings,you can observe the beauty of inner depression or exuberance, or roaring or tranquility.


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