Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Hassan Abu Taki

About Me

I am amateur photographer and trying to be professional one. I am mostly enjoying people and street photography as well as portrait. I love capturing spontaneous moments to people and just shooting the images as it's. I am looking to participate in global contests and I already have some international photography awards. I have AFIAP title, and I have lots of accepts and one award from FIAP.

Works Synopsis

My photos is about traditional job that most people do in my country Saudi Arabia specifically in my city Qatif which Grabbing dates from palm trees. Our elderly grandfathers usually keep this job as it's source of getting money. They love this job and they go everyday to the palm farm to take car of palm and getting some dates which it's so sweet. They clam up to the palm trees by using special rounding made up from palm.


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