Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Hirak Mitra

About Me

I am a passionate photographer and visual story teller. I like to portrait the story of nature, bird, street and most importantly human life. I choose my frame to express my vision and the way I look into this amazing world. For me a photo is much more than a frame, it is the life, it is the memory and also the visual expression of our mind.

Works Synopsis

This photo was taken at a small but famous town in India-Kolhapur. Kolhapur is famous for its historical landmark in so many areas. Apart from its importance as a spiritual city and also part of Maratha Empire, this city is famous for Indian Akhara Style Wrestling- Kusthi. There were so many famous wrestlers who born and brought up in this city and gone ahead in life as Maharashtra Kesori or Bharat Kesori ( the title of being the champion). This frame was taken at such an Akhara or Gurukul for Wrestling. In this early morning scene, while the other members are busy in their routine practice, the main subject is dedicated in the preparation of the soil. This is also part of their daily practice. The frame was also depicted by the early morning light came through the only window in the Akhara. For me this is "My photo" as it got caught at my eyes and my lens to portrait the interesting part of life- the dedication of a future champion.


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