Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Jiangchuan Tong

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Tong Jiangchuan, GPU-CR4, MPSA, GMABRP/B, GMIFIA, Member of China Photographers AssociationMember of China Art Photography SocietyNational Senior PhotographerVice President of the International Federation of Photographic Arts (IFIA) ChinaVisiting Professor of China Huaguang Institute of PhotographyPhotography philosophy: Tong Jiangchuan always adheres to the concept of "photography is what you see in front of you, photography is what you think in your mind". He seriously devote himself to the creation of photography in the Year of the Tiger. Photography is not only limited to the simple reproduction of objective fact, but is also a subjective expression. While carrying forward the traditional photography techniques, he also makes full use of modern photography technology in his creative process. His works are diverse in subject matter and subtle in technique, not only pursuing exquisite composition and coherent tone , but also reflecting the characteristics of digital photography while taking into account the beauty of film photography. His works has high artistic connotation and won numerous awards in domestic and international competitions. Nearly 1,000 works have been awarded in domestic and international competitions, among them are more than 450 gold medals.

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Wild yaks on the Tibetan plateau


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