Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Kum Fatt Wong

About Me

Photography is my hobby and passion. Started since the day of 35mm SLR. I am always interested in trying out different types of photography and subjects. The most enjoyable part of this hobby is going on photo trips to capture different subjects in different environments.

Works Synopsis

This photo was taken during a Bull Racing event in An Giang, Vietnam. The Bull Racing Festival is popular among the locals, tourists and photographers. This festival is normally held on the 9th lunar month The race is between 2 pairs of cows. The track which is about 200m to 300m long is flooded with water so that the ground is slippery for rake to move easily. The driver stands on a wooden plank which is attached to the rake. The start and end points of the track are indicated by flags. The cowboy with better skill wins the race.


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