Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Kyaw Zay Yar Lin

About Me

My Name is Kyaw Zay Yar Lin .I am a photographer from Mandalay And Sagaing,Myanmar.I am 27 years old now.I am begin a photography since 2018.I like Lifestyle,Journalism,Travel, Landscape,Street,Portrait photography.I take photography not only Nature but also commercial.I am 2nd prize winner from UNESCO Silk Roads International Photo Contest 2021 and Bronzeprize from UNESCO International Martial Arts competition . I get the "Philippine Department Of Education Secretary's Choice Award" from 15thSEARCA photo contest 2021 and the third prize winner from British Council MYANMAR in the Climate Connection.And I get the second place in ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity 2021 andI was include in the finalist stage of HIPA,Humanity 2020-2021 in Portfolio(Story-Telling) andmy photos was presented in HIPA's publication book, HIPA humanity 2020-2021.I get 5 Excellence Awards and 3 Honorable Mentions from World-Photography-Awards-2021competition of North-America-Photography-Association.And I get Certificates from Asia photo festival 2020 and 2021years .In 2022,I get the shortlist photography at Sony World Photography Award ,Documentary Projects. And I am Category winner in Environmental Champion of Picture people in Mobile competition and I get the Award of Excellence from Picture Of The Year(POY) ASIA 2022 Awards.I get the Gold Medal Award from Ukraine LifePressPhoto_2022,Category-People in the news,Portrait (Series of photos).And I am 1st Prize Winner from Photocrowd , CategoryEnvironmental Portraits Award 2022. I am 3rd Prize Winner from 2022 Global Chinese New year Photography Competition,North America Photography Association.Gold prize winner from OnePlus mobile photo competition 2022. I get the first prize winner from INBAR International Bamboo and Rattan Photo Competition 2022.I get the first prize winner from Fotolna Mobile Photography Contest 2022.

Works Synopsis

I want to show the lifestyle from Myanmar.


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