Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Li Wang

About Me

Wang Li, Female, 62 years old, Han nationality. She is now retired and started to pursue photography. In 2015, he joined the course to learn photography at the local school for pensioners. Now she is a member of the GPU, Shaanxi Photographers Association, Shaanxi Tourism Photography Association, Shaanxi Senior Photographers Association, and Xi'an Photographers Association.

Works Synopsis

The Chinese DreamIn the distance, the Loess Plateau is vast and endless with thousands of ravines and gullies.The Yellow River, with its curves and twists, rolls eastward. The folk opera of Qin carries the feelings of Chinese people that have been deposited in the Loess Plateau for thousands of years, and the rituals, music, poems and books are the Chinese soul that has been hidden in the water of the Yellow River for a long time."The Yellow River falls from the sky and goes to the East China Sea, ten thousand miles written in the chest." The Yellow River has carried too many literati sentiments since ancient times. The camera capture the magnificence of Loess Plateau, as if it’s singing a song about the Yellow River .........


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