Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Lin Hu

About Me

Hu Lin, GPU member, GPU- CR3, is also a member of China Art Photography Society. She won the 8th Golden Horse Award for Chinese Art, the 4th Golden Eagle Award for Asian Pacific Film Arts, was selected as one of the "Top Ten Cultural Series" in Vision China 2020 Global Chinese Photography Annual Ranking List, and the "Top Ten Architectural Photographers" in Photo Beijing, 2021.Besides, she also received 163 medals (22 gold medals, 9 silver medals, 8 bronze medals, 2 chairman's prizes, 8 judges' prizes, 95 ribbon prizes, and 19 other medals) in domestic and international photography competitions

Works Synopsis

Weisang Ceremony on the MountainWeisang is a Tibetan household's custom of burning offerings to make cloudy smog, hence this kind of praying is also called smoke offering. “Wei” means simmer in Chinese. 'Sang' is a Tibetan 'ritual fireworks'. There is a variety in selection of material for Weisang, like branches pine and cypress, leaves of herbs such as Artemisia argyi and heath. It is said that the fragrance in the smoke produced during burning the pine trees and cypresses, can not only bathe unlucky and dirty things of ordinary people, but also aromatize the palace of mountain god who will be pleased after smelling the aroma. Therefore, Tibetan people pray for good fortune, good harvest, peace and prosperity by this way.


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