Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Ling Li

About Me

Li Ling,is fond of literature and music,member of China Photographers Association,member of Global Photographic Union,The works are collected by many domestic institutions and the Louvre Museum in France.

Works Synopsis

In Chinese culture, the dragon as a totem has a history of at least one or two thousand years.As a supernatural animal in ancient Chinese legends, the dragon is a combination of various images. It is the spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation, representing its cultural significance that has permeated all aspects of Chinese society and has become a cultural cohesion and accumulation. For every Chinese descendant, the dragon's image is a symbol, a mood, and a flesh and blood emotion.People celebrate the Spring Festival in the form of dragon dance, hoping for a bumper harvest in the coming year, a prosperous and a happy family.


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