Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival


About Me

I was born in Logroño (Spain) in 1974.I began to feel attracted by photography since I was very young, but it was not until 2002 that I did a beginner course, discovering then most classic authors. I put aside the world of photography for some years and I dedicated myself to travel around the world until, in 2009, I started “to lose my time”, by the hand of digital photography, deepening in the knowledge of the new techniques offered by this new era. From then on, my two great passions became inseparable to such an extent that I do not know if I travel to take pictures or I take pictures to travel.I consider photography as an artistic way to express my creativity and, at the same time, to show the world around us. I feel comfortable taking Portrait, and Social and Travel Photography, but always under a creative glance. I am very interested in framing and composition, and I always try to give greater importance to the plasticity and harmony of my images, but above all, to the emotions that these images can transmit.

Works Synopsis

I was walking along a fishing port in the south coast of Vietnam when I suddenly saw a woman knitting fishing nets under a water tank. I climbed the stairs of the tank and took the photo.


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