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Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Mei Xu

About Me

Xu Mei, Female, was born in September 1954 and is currently retired from her previous job. She is a member of the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Photography Association, Shanghai Federation of Photographers and Global Photographic Union (GPU).She have been studying photography seriously since 2018 and have attended several online and offline photography courses, including Beijing Correspondence College of Photography, Shanghai Veteran Cadres University Photography Improvement Class, Shanghai Xuanfeng Aerial Photography Association Photography Workshop. More than 20 photos have received awards from domestic and international photography events. For example, she was selected for the 2022 "Happy Spring Festival Global Chinese New Year Photo Contest", and received three gold medals and many selections in the Shanghai International Lang Jingshan Photo Contest, and participated in many other photo contests in Singapore, Italy, Austria, Thailand and other countries. Six of her photos were published in China Photo News (April, May, June, July, September 2022) and one was published in People's Photo News (June 2022).

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