Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Ming Liu

About Me

Liu Ming has practiced photography for many years and is particularly fond of landscape photography. She is a member of the China Women Photographers Association, Shandong Photographers Association, and Qingdao Photographers Association. With the help of Shangtufang, many of her works have been selected and awarded in many events.Liu Ming has been engaged in education for many years and has now been retired for nearly ten years. She enjoys photography, loves nature, and perfectly makes arrangements for her life. She squeezes in time to travel and enjoy life leisurely and at ease.On the one hand, she studied photography at the school for seniors in Qingdao. On the other hand, she went out with her photography teacher to take pictures. She traveled to small towns in Europe, enjoyed the blue sky and the snowy mountains in Switzerland, and trekked through the mountains in Yunnan, Sichuan, and Tibet in China.I was fortunate to get the help of Ms. Guo Jing and Shangtuf to have my photos shortlisted in some competitions and observe the works of many amazing photographers.

Works Synopsis

In the autumn, I joined a photo tour to visit several Miao ethnic villages in Guangxi Province.There was a scene of abundant harvest everywhere. The terraced rice fields were golden in color, the waves of rice rolled in the sunlight and the autumn wind, and the Miao girls sang with joy and happiness.The terraced rice fields after harvesting, the straw and stubble are vividly golden against the water of the areas, and the water is as clean as it can be.The beautiful Miao girls are learning brocade weaving and wax dyeing. They can't help laughing and singing in the rice fields after harvesting.Even handsome men and women from the thousand-year-old Dong village are playing music, dancing, drinking, and celebrating the harvest.Many counties have been alleviated from poverty and embarked on the road of shared prosperity!


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