Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

mohammad Mokhtar nia

About Me

I, Mohammad Mokhtarnia, a graduate of law in the master's degree, became interested in the art of photography since 2016 and started to learn academically and after that, he has participated in more than 25 group photography exhibitions and is the public relations officer of the Khorasan Institute of Photographers khorasan Razavi and I have started participating in festivals since August 1401, the result of which has been more than ten acceptances and five appreciations.

Works Synopsis

The old woman of Kermanj, who is from the village, is looking for her husband after several years of the war imposed by Iraq on Iran. The husband went to war early in his life and the only picture he has of him is the picture of his youth on the wall. Since the same year, he leaves the door open and waits for his wife from the window.


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