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Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Nahed Ismaeil

About Me

Nahed IsmailShe was born in Mansoura on August 27 and lives in Alexandria, Egypt. She holds aBachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University. She studied the history of artwith the Plus grant, the professional photography grant, and an artist preparation course atthe Adasa Club for Photography. She holds a diploma in decoration and interior design, and aportrait workshop by Dr. Yassin Haraz, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, and adiploma Master of Art in Fine Arts ICS University of Pennsylvania in the United States ofAmerica, member of the Syndicate of Fine Arts in Alexandria, Alexandria Atelier and AdasaPhotography Club, has six personal exhibitions at the Creativity Center, the Russian CulturalCenter in Alexandria, Mansoura Culture Palace, Mansoura University and Mansoura Stadium,and has more than eighty local and international group exhibitions in Italy and CairoAlexandria, Ismailia, Assiut and Mansoura, most notably the Syndicate of Fine Artists salon inAlexandria, Cairo and Mansoura from 2000 to 2020, the first and second Ismailia MicroartBiennial at the Ismailia Culture Palace, the historical exhibition on the occasion of the openingof the Suez Canal at the Egyptian Opera House, and the Hassad exhibition at AlexandriaStadium. Local and international competitions, critical and artistic meetings, photography andoil painting workshops, and the recipient of many awards and honors, most notably honoringHis Excellency Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, Governor of Alexandria for the Hassadexhibition, and from Lieutenant-General Mohab Mameesh, Chairman of the Suez CanalAuthority, for the first and second historical exhibition on the occasion of the opening of thenew Suez Canal and the Photography Award The first in the first Ismailia Biennale formicroarts and the thirteenth Salon of the Syndicate of Fine Artists in Dakahlia, and anencouragem advertising frent award at the level of the Republic in the field of decoration.andom Dr. Abdel-Ahad Gamal El-Din, Minister of Youth and Sports

Works Synopsis

Still life affected by the art of the Renaissance, Where the light source is from one direction , and the lighting tends to theatrical lighting


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