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ORHAN KARTAL Photographer was born in 1968 in Batman in Turkey; married with one daughter and boy. Lives Batman.His 20-year post at the Naval Forces Command, he switched to civil service.He works as a Chief in Batman Special Provincial Administration.Anadolu University Business License and Photography and Videography Department.After leaving the long and tiring military service from the age limit, the photography entered his life by chance. He has been taking photos since 2015. Despite trying many different styles, he mostly likes to shoot portraits, documentaries and street photography. Although his photography history is new, photography has now become a part of his life and has become an indispensable passion for precision.Thanks to the photography, the perspective of life has changed. He has won awards in national and international competitions.The works he produces; He took part in magazines, brochures, posters, newspapers, calendars and group photography exhibitions. His photographs were exhibited in 4 personal and many group exhibitions. Gölcük Photography and Cinema Art Association (GFSD) a member.His works have won prizes and awards in many national and international photographic competitions.His achievements have medals. It currently has distinction the EFIAP photo title as well as the GAPU, EFIAP,PPSA,GPUCR2,cMoL,AAPG,AAPS,R-ISF4, AICS,AUSPA,EFIP,ENPS,COSPLTSP,SSS/AIR-WATER,HonBGF,ASSP,AHPS

Works Synopsis

Life In Water at Budakli Thermal Springs, TurkeyThe buffaloes bred and raised in the Güroymak district of Bitlis, one of the important livestock centres in Turkey, make a significant contribution to the city's economy. Güroymak hosts the most important wetlands of Turkey. Buffaloes and horses are cleaned by the caregivers and shepherds in the hot springs at Budakli, which is 7 kms away from the Güroymak district. The water temperature is +40 degrees Celsius during the cold winter days of -20 degrees Celsius, despite the adverse weather conditions.It’s Like a Photo StudioThe photographers who come to see the hot springs in Guroymak district, and to take pictures, say: The buffaloes and the horses bathing in a hot spring create a beautiful view with steam and fog. Many of the photographs taken here have already received international awards. It's like a photo studio, we liked it very much. Such natural beauties need to be preserved and tourism enabled without deteriorating the existing structure.Photographers Come Here a Lot Especially During WinterChildren, who stated that they wash their animals here in winter, also say that the hot springs are good for them and their animals. The children say: "Every year we bring our animals to the hot water during the winter months. We wash them here and take them back home. Buffaloes and horses stay in the water for about 4 hours. During this time, the buffaloes remaining in the hot water come out of the water when they wish. While we wash them, we also enjoy the hot water ourselves, especially in the winter season when photographers come here a lot. They take pictures of us.”When to Visit and How to Get ThereThe best time to see this activity at the Budakli Springs is during the winter months of January to March. You can go at any time of day. You pass through the village before you get there. If the villagers are informed, they immediately come to be photographed. No special permission is required to take photos, but it is necessary to give gifts or money to 2-3 children performing acrobatic tricks such as somersaulting over their horse.The best way to get to Budakli thermal springs is to go to Muş airport from Istanbul and from there travel the 55 km by intercity minibus to Güroymak district. From there, it is necessary to take a taxi to the hot springs at the village of Budakli.


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