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Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Ramesh Letchmanan

About Me

Ramesh Letchmanan is an international award-winning photographer from Singapore. He holds double Master Degrees in Motion Actuator Platforms (Research) and Electrical Power from established UK Universities. His photography includes Architecture, Creative, Conceptual, Portrait, Sports, Street/Travel and Nature/Wildlife Photography. He also has special interest in Aerial Drone and 360 Photography. He constantly travels the world in search of timeless images that tell impactful and emotional stories. Ramesh is a Nikon Professional Services Member with Nikon Singapore. He is Life Member with many Photographic Societies and Associations around the World. He has received 133 awards with 610 salon acceptances since 2020 and his images accepted and exhibited in over 50 countries. His Photographic Distinctions come from 13 Countries spread in 4 Continents. He consistently participates in International Salons of Photography and Photography Awards. He is an Adobe Expert and CAAS Certified UAV Pilot in Singapore. Some Current Appointments:- WPU Liaison OfficerPSA Education InstructorExhibitions International JuryPhotographic Honours:-BAPU, AFIAP, AICS, AFIP, ASPAS, ASWAN, AARGUS, AAPG, AHPS, LRPS, QPSA, LAPS, LPSS, ESCPS, EFMPA, GPU CR1, GPU VIP1, GPU APHRODITE, CPP.PPI, R-ISF2, GPA.PESGSPC, Hon.CPE, Hon.FSWAN, Hon.FARGUS, Hon.PESGSPC

Works Synopsis

This are the children from the seafaring Bajau Laut people (often referred as Sea Gypsies or Sea Nomads) living around small islands at the eastern coast of Sabah, Malaysia. They are using wooden boards to quickly run and slide over shallow water. It is a fun way to play in groups and challenge against each other to speed with the mini-boards that serve as surfing shortboards. The enjoyable atmosphere that includes the sunshine, the open sea and warm water adds to the excitement.


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