Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Sawsan Taher

About Me

EFIAP/G, VIP 1 & CR2 GPUSawsan Taher a Bahraini photographer distinguished with her work in international photography. She holds FIAP Gold Excellence (EFIAP/G) from the International Federation of Photographic Art. Also, the VIP 1 and Crown 2 titles from the Global Photographic Union (GPU). Sawsan has been taking pictures since childhood and from 2013 she started to travel with her camera far from Bahrain to remote areas in Oman, Lower Omo valley in Ethiopia, Ladakh in Himalayas. She participated in many local and international exhibitions, and she has won gold medals a variety of international competitions. Winning two international photography competitions as Best Author for the competition in 2016 was a distinguished achievement for Sawsan.She is lauded for her authenticity in her photography, as she encapsulates the lives and moments of indigenous people and their culture.

Works Synopsis

In Qurrayat village in Oman people still work as fishermen and they use the old way to do so.


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