Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Shaoning Liu

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Liu ShaoningMember of China Photographers AssociationMember of the Art Committee of China Communication Photography AssociationMember of the Presidium of Entrepreneur Photography Association (Shenzhen)Member of the Chief Expert Committee of Beijing Public Welfare Photography AssociationThe fourth and fifth vice chairman of Anhui Photographers Association

Works Synopsis

Ancient HuizhouThe ancient architecture of China has a long history, and the ancient architecture of different regions have left their own deep cultural imprints.The ancient architecture of Huizhou harbors the profound culture of Huizhou. Anhui She County is the birthplace of ancient Huizhou culture, when you walk into She County, you will see all the Huizhou-style buildings with white walls and grey tiles, as if you are already in the historical scroll of ancient Huizhou painting.


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