Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Shuihai Wang

About Me

Wang Shuihai,male,born in 1967.Member of Taizhou Photographers Association,Member of Taizhou Sports Photography Association,Member of Jiaojiang Photographers Association.Photographic works have won many awards in provincial and municipal photography competitions.

Works Synopsis

Shot on February 27, 2016.As the hometown of new generation abrasive tools, Zhejiang has many moving stories. We explore the spirit of Zhejiang from the perspective of photography.The woman in this work is focusing on the abrasive tools under the light. At this moment, she has forgotten whose mother and whose wife she is.Focus is a concentrated expression of the spirit of craftsmanship. When a person uses work to meet the light, the light will guide her forward.Let women's strength in the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country in the hot practice of blooming gorgeous flowers.In ordinary positions in the interpretation of the "loyalty and responsibility" connotation, in the professional conduct to adhere to the women's pride and efforts to carry the "half the sky".


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