Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival


About Me

I am Subrata Nath, a teacher by profession and an amateur photographer by heart from Howrah, West Bengal, India. My favourite genre of Photography is Landscapes, Nature and Architecture. I enjoy shooting nature, architectural interiors, travel images and also like to experiment street photos. Starting in 2010, it has been a short but very fulfilling journey so far. My work has been published in many Editorial Magazines and some renowned news papers. In 2020 I entered the world of Salon Photography, it has been a rewarding experience to receive formal distinctions AFIP, EFIP & AFIAP and many other National and international Awards . I had started with a Yashica MF2 camera, which was gifted to me by my uncle. After that, I used a Nikon P100, which was gifted by my brother, and then a Nikon D5200, which was my first purchased camera in 2016. Now I use a Nikon D7200.

Works Synopsis

The male Indian bullfrog changes its colour to yellow during the monsoon season to attract female frogs. The monsoon is their breeding season. They make a special noise with their blue swollen throats at this time to attract female frogs. Jumping in mating situation is very rare. Two days before the arrival of Cyclone Amphan, I saw them in a field one morning for the first time in my life and captured these moments on camera.


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