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Tibor JAKAB EFIAP/g, FPSA, MPSA, FAPU, HonFICS, ASIIPC, ...PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Arts, Târgu MureşTibor JAKAB born in Târgu Mureş, is assistant professor at the University of Arts Târgu-Mureş, Faculty of Arts in Hungarian. His main interests includes: photography, media, new media, visual arts.As freelance photojournalist contributed over 1500 illustrated articles to newspapers and magazines, having more than 100000 photos published. As photo artist exhibited at international photo art exhibitions. More than 850 of his photos with around 3500 acceptances have been exhibited at International Art Photography Salons in 50 countries on 5 continents and have been awarded more than 500 medals (325 gold) . He had 58 solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions.Memberships: Romanian Photoartists Society, Photographic Society of America ( Liason officer and Country Membership Director), Fine Arts Union of Romania. Honors: The major International Photographic Societies awarded him high International Photographic Honours for his artistic career and services rendered for international art photography. Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique Artiste AFIAP(1992), Excellence EFIAP(1995), EFIAP/bronze (2000), EFIAP/silver (2005), EFIAP/gold (2014), KKL Friendship Prize(2004), Associateship (2006) and Fellowship of Photographic Society of America (2012), Honorary Fellow Image Coleagues Society (USA) ICS (2013), Grand Master of Image Colleague Society USA (2014), Master of Photographic Society of America (2016), Fellow of Asia Photographic Union (2019). Works found in museums, cultural centres and private collections. Listed in international biographical

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The photo shows the love and care of a gypsy mother for her child. It shows also the living conditions . It is a documentary, not performed photo.


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