Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival


About Me

Brief Profile: A person with a background in Political Science (i.e. an honours degree holder in Politocal Science), photography has been my hobby since very long. However, in recent times it has turned into a passion-especially since 2015 when I started my journey in the world of photography. In my early days as a photographer, I was more focused on taking pictures. However, as time has progressed, my inclination has shifted towards making pictures through my lenses. In my work, I have always tried to be a visual storyteller, capturing various finer nuances of our surroundings in an aesthetic manner, through my lenses.Achievements: I have achieved the following in the last seven years-• Excellence of FIP (Federation of indian Photography)EFIP.• Excellence of FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique) from France/EFIAP• GPU-CRI and title distinction Aphrodite from Global Photographic Union• Hon. CPE from Romania (• Hon. PESGSPC, GPA,PESGSPC (Pascal English School and Greek School Photography Club) from Cyprus (in North Europe.Awards: I have received FIP Gold Medal, Best Portrait Medal, Judges Choice awards, honorable mention certificate of merits, and many other awards and recognitions in national and international saloons and contests . Exhibitions: I have participated in more than 15 group exhibitions held in Kolkata. My works have also been exhibited in many international galleries. Some of the noteworthy galleries include the following-• 2016 (One of my photographs continues to remain displayed in Ukraine even today).• 1st GPU Photo Festival 2021 ( • Asia Photo Festival 2020 (My photographic documentary on ‘Natural Light Portrait’ got featured as a separate gallery at the Asia Photo Festival 2020. I bagged the 5th position in terms of the “most visited galleries” among more than 400 photographers from more than 41 countries. I also received a distinction of the bronze exhibitors in this festival (BEAPF) .- .• Asia Photo Festival 2021 (One of my images was exhibited in the “One Shot Gallery” at the Asia Photo Festival 2021.)• some photos still are exhibited in Romania• My images also published on Google book and adjudicating experience: I am currently involved in training many budding photographers in the Institute of Photo Art (IPA) in Kolkata (India). I am also a part of many adjudicating panels of photographic saloons held in India and in other parts of the world.

Works Synopsis

The picture is about reflection and shadow on water. The reflection of trees which has created a texture and the shadow of people, have together created a story. Overall the frame was very attractive which also attracted me to shoot.


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