Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Wanqiu Yang

About Me

Yang Wanqiu is a member of Global Photographic Union (GPU), China Folklore Photography Association, Sichuan Photographers Association, deputy secretary-general of Sichuan Folk Cultural Image and Art Association, member of the expert committee and outstanding photographer of Tibet Qiang Yi corridor; member of Aba Photographers Association; contributing photographer of Sichuan Pictorial; contracted photographer of New Age Photography and Digital World magazine. He was awarded as excellent photographer by many photography organizations.

Works Synopsis

Splendid Landscape in the lightI am a photographer based in Aba, and I insist on exploring the most natural, authentic and original things of Tibetan and Qiang people and customs and feeling the spirit and greatness of the earth and everything, as well as the happiness of people's lives and the existence; with respect and reverence for the subject, I strive to record the most valuable and enssential to reflect on the most beautiful moments, sharing them with friends.The purpose of photography is to achieve self-worth, to better serve the public, and to engjoy the art of photography in twilight years!


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