Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Wenjie Luo

About Me

MPSA2, GPU CR4Bachelor of Science, Fudan UniversityMember of China Photographers AssociationMember of Image Copyright Society of ChinaMember of China Artistic Photographic SocietyMember of PSAMember of GPU

Works Synopsis

HorizonWith melodic and familiar tunes sounding afar in the sky, the stars twinkle in the vast sky, and villages gradually emerge out of a thin fog. Here you can find the picturesque scene of white clouds in the blue sky where it meets the green pasture dotted with galloping horses. What's more to offer are boundless deserts at the highest altitude in the world, the largest alpine lakes, layer upon layer of green natural grasslands, blooming colorful flowers, frosty birch forest, and magnificent land covered in snow. Xinjiang is a paradise on earth and the land of natural beauty and abundance.Xinjiang is a photogenic destination on the must-visit list for the massive crowd. The exquisite northern Xinjiang and the magnificent Southern Xinjiang reveal their unique beauty as time passes. Every single sight is the perfect subject of photography, the continuous snow peaks of Tianshan Mountain, the distinctive dan landform, the most stunning populus forest, and the mysterious relics of the ancient kingdom.As the season changes, the view becomes so different. Sometimes when I stand high and look into the distance, I find tranquility and peace in the ethereal sky, as if I was floating with on clouds and flying to the other end of the blue sky. It is no longer the bleak frontier beyond the Great Wall but a magical fertile land.This series, entitled "Horizon," featuring the landscape of Xinjiang, was photographed from 2010 to 2019. It took ten years to complete the whole process from concept composing to final shooting, striving to present an entire perspective of Xinjiang's unique natural wonders. The exhibition assembles ten images consistent in color and tone, covering the most distinctive and beautiful scenery of Xinjiang in the four seasons.The bittersweet ten years to create this Xinjiang series has not only greatly enriched my life experience to see the world from a particular perspective but also allowed me to constantly improve for the better in the sacred land of photography. My passion for photography and infinite respect for nature always inspire and encourage me to carry on the mission of photography. In the meantime, I have always pursued thinking with reason and creating art with a rigorous attitude.


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