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Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Wujiang Zhu

About Me

Zhu Wujiang, female, associate professor of Jiangsu University.She is a member of Image Copyright Society of China, China Staff Photographers Association, Jiangsu Photographers Association and Zhenjiang Photographers Association; She is also a contributing photographer of China Jiangsu Network and a member of GPU.In 2015, when the photographic work "Fairyland" won the bronze award in the Dafeng Exhibition, she has become more enthusiastic about photography. Ever since then, her works have been selected in exhibitions at municipal, provincial and national levels, as well as online media.In 2021, she started to submit works to international photography events, receiving medals and honorable mention awards, and had exhibition at Pingyao Photo Festival, Lishui Photo Festival, Yixian Photography Festival and Photo Beijing. In Sep. 2022, photo Sea of Endless Love was included in The 7th "Chinese Culture and Life" Sino-German Photographic Art Exchange Exhibition.In 2022, an article about foreground was featured in Photography and Video; "What is the role of foreground?” , "The Function and Expression of the Accompanying Body" and the photographic works "Enjoying the Cold Autumn Alone" and "Showing the Beautiful Countryside" were accepted by "China Photography News". Photo "Fields of Hope" and "Dancing" were published by Popular Photography.

Works Synopsis

Splendid River and MountainPhotography is a media for the photographer to experss their feelings. I like to capture the candid and authentic moment of life. These 10 photos are aerial photos about the mountains and landscapes of the motherland. The different perspective brings out the other side of beauty of the landscape.I focus on photographing of idyllic scenery and great changes in the countryside, people's livelihood and well-being, seasonal and seasonal weather, etc., to bring the figurative beauty, objective beauty, rhythmic beauty and geometric pattern that I see ...... I present them to the audience one by one, sharing the beauty and delighting the soul, thus further glowing with a sense of affection for the motherland and a sense of glory in serving the people.


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