Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Xiaolong Guo

About Me

Guo Xiaolong is a member of GPU, Xingtai Photographers Association, Hebei Photographers Association, Hebei Folklore Photographers Association.

Works Synopsis

The most beautiful rural teacherIn a remote village in Xingtai County, Hebei Province, there is a teacher,Guo Xingfen with the noble teacher's virtue, who has been teaching since 1978. She is loyal to the Party's education cause, for more than 30 years,she has been dedicated herself to the teaching career. She has won the honorary titles of Most Beautiful Country Teacher by CCTV, Excellent Teacher of Hebei Province, and Model Class Teacher.She actively researches new teaching methods. In view of the poor teaching conditions in mountainous areas, she created the teaching method of compound classes in the lower grades of elementary school, so that each student can get the maximum educational results with the most limited teaching resources.The grade results of her students ranked first in the school, and her lessons of teaching have won many awards in the province and city.She pays special attention to the moral education of children. Under extremely difficult conditions, she insists on leading students to raise the national flag every week, strives to cultivate students' love for the Party and patriotic thoughts, and actively cultivates students' ambitious ideals and aspirations. She teaches her students that they should not only be satisfied with getting out of the mountains, but also to use their knowledge to change the backwardness of their hometowns and serve the motherland.She has a loving motherly heart. "Without love, there is no education", as a teacher, her body shines with this spirit of love everywhere. She teaches with love in the classroom, and the sweet smiling faces of the children are a gift of gratitude to her; In the parents and students sincere request, she is still teaching in the school depite the fact that she has passed the retirement age. We wish that the most beautiful teacher continues to shine in the professional that she loves.


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