Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Xihua Sun

About Me

Sun Xihua, male, 46 years old, is from Jiaojiang, Taizhou. He is a member of the Zhejiang Photographers Association and China Photographers Association of Electric Power Profession. He has been passionate about photography for almost twenty-five years. He used to participate in photography competitions and felt that he hit the bottleneck in photography creation and didn’t practice it for about ten years. It was until 2016 that he decided to continue the photography journey. He recomposes his view on photography and focuses on the subjects he finds interesting. For him, there is more to it than the sheer medium of photography. What’s beyond it is what truly captures him. Over the past six or seven years, he has been working with creative approaches and concepts to create photos of his signature style.

Works Synopsis

This is a combination of many photos taken under the chimney of the power plant where I work,which is composed of mottled shadows left by different lighting through shooting from different angles under the chimney.


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